Prices ( for 7 lessons of 1 hour)


  • 1 course

    Standard € 70 / Student € 45


  • 2 courses:

    Standard € 130 / Student € 90


  • 3 courses:

    Standard € 200 / Student € 135


Try-out lesson: € 10

Payment has to be done in advance at the first lessons of a new course block.

If you´re new to the dance school or aren´t sure about your level, you can do a try-out class.

If you’re thinking about changing to a different level, please discuss this first with Juliana. As a dance teacher she is most able to see if you are ready for a different level. Without discussing this, you can not go to a more difficult level.

Juliana Braga offers private classes for anyone who’d like to improve his or hers dance technique. Private classes are catered specifically to the individual’s dance goals and need areas.

Private lessons are a great option for those who:

* Have unpredictable schedules and cannot commit to a 8 week course.
* Want to clean up the skills gained in the group classes.
* Have prior dance experience and would like to get to a higher level.
* Want to improve their musicality and work on their dance technique from a personal viewpoint.

Sharing a private lesson with a dance partner or friend is a great way to obtain all the benefits of a private lesson, at a better price for both of you.

Please note! We have special prices in case you take more than 4 private classes. Contact us for more information.

Prices ( Private lesson 50 minutes)


  • 1 person

       € 40


  • 2 persons(Couple)

       € 70


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